Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Day 2--Continuing the Journey

So Heather is teaching me a lot which is awesome.  I have read countless health and fitness blogs and books and she is helping me to be able to figure out so many things about this that I would not have thought about before.  She does not advocate a diet but instead she advocates a healthy lifestyle which is what I am a firm believer in as it is what is going to work long term.

Today's Food

Breakfast--Backed chocolate oatmeal (1 cup of rolled oats, 1 container of applesauce (all natural no sugars added), and 2 Tbs of chocolate Nesquik powder baked in the over at 450 for about 20 mins)...This tastes so much like a chocolate oatmeal cookie. The recipe makes 2 servings at approximately 200-220 calories per serving.

Snack--skipped morning snack b/c I was not hungry

Lunch--400 calories a spin on a caprese salad & leftover grilled chicken last night with a little marinade...total calories 620
It looked so pretty and so yummy that I thought a picture was necessary!

Snack-- Okay I will admit that I ate a few too many calories here but I know that I am still going to meet the goal that Heather set for me.  She set a goal of 1800 calories or less each day for me so I know that I will still be under that.  Anyways we took the kiddos to the splash park today and they got McDonald's French fries and frozen drinks.  I chose a strawberry lemonade.  It was delicious and only 200 calories.  I noticed myself feeling hungry so I ate another serving of the baked chocolate oatmeal so I am at 1040 calories total so far.

Supper--Roasted Beets with Feta, small serving tortellini with marinara sauce, light cesar salad & corn on the cob...600 calories so the total thus far is 1640!  If I choose my evening snack wisely (apple and pb anyone??) then I will be under my calories.  Now just to hit the gym!

This was another photo worthy meal & I'm super proud of my portion size of pasta because I love giant bowls of pasta.

Snack--Gummy bears....about 260 calories so I am at about 1900 calories for the day!  100 calories over, not too shabby with the McDonalds stop!  I'm happy and proud of where I was able to improve on my past mistakes!  I know I can do this and the lifestyle change is something that I can handle.

Today's Exercise
50 squats, 50 modified push ups, 50 lunges each leg, & 100 mixed crunches....didn't make it to the gym like I was hoping to so this was my at home work out!

Some Thoughts that I Typed Throughout the Day

I'm dealing with extra stress today and because of that I am feeling super vulnerable to eating bad for me foods.  I am trying really hard and so far I am accomplishing it.  I hope that my after bedtime workout helps me to be successful in this further and that I don't fail with the before bedtime snacks.

This might not have been the best week to start my transformation but I do know that if I can stick to things and make it this week that I can do it anytime.  It is Vacation Bible School at our church so that means that I have to have meals prepared quickly, easily, and early.  Then I am with kiddos all night long and then I come home and put my kids to bed and that is when I get to go to the gym.  It is hard to go to the gym later at night but I am finding that the important thing for me to do is get into the routine. 

McDonalds was hard today because let's face it, McDonald's fries are delicious!!  However I know if I let myself slide that I will be eating all crap again, be completely discouraged and disappointed in myself, and cause me to either gain weight or at the least not lose it.  These are the types of things that will never help me to be able to get to my goals. 

So I know that you all have struggled but I promise that taking Heather's advice and eating these mini meals can help you.  I had been told this time and time again but seriously did not believe that it would change things but it certainly has.  I have done all of this and honestly not be hungry at all.  I am full and satisfied and happy!

Emotionally I feel strong and overall happy.  I feel inspired to do better.  


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