Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Next Step

I knew day 3 was the hardest in the past so I was definitely prepared.  Getting to the gym needs to be a priority.  Tonight is the last day of Bible school so I know it will be easier as I move on to something else.  

Shane had to work all night again which is why I couldn't work out last night.  It is so disappointing!!  

Breakfast--protein bar 180 cals
Snack--strawberries with nesquik powder 150 cals
Lunch--spinach & cheese whole wheat pita pizza 310 cals
Snack--strawberries with nesquik 150 cals
Dinner--tortilla chips & dips 400 cals 
Snack--coke & mints  & fruit leathers 300 cals

So I did fairly well on my diet but I sucked it up not having time to go to the gym!

Tomorrow I have group fitness and then I will be in the gym sometime on Saturday!  

I know I can do this.  I will check my weight on Saturday too.

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