Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Day 3...Hurdle Day?

So much to do, so little time to get it all done.

Today is running day and I have the goal of 1.55 miles!  I know that I can do this!  Wish me luck!

Now to get on with everything else we have to do.  First was to clean floors and now that this is done its time to separate laundry & finish all of the loads that need done & trust me there are a ton!  

What I'm Eating Today?

Breakfast--fiber one protein bar 130 cals

Snack--protein shake 160 cals for a total thus far of 290 cals

Lunch--smoothie shake 260 cals for a total of 550 cals

Snack--fresh mozzarella & strawberries 210 calories for a total of 760 calories

Dinner--chicken fajitas made with chicken & spinach on whole wheat tortillas...500 calories for a total of 1260 cals so far!

Snack--srrawberries with nesquik powder, monster granola bar 

We went strawberry picking today so yes these were amazing and fresh strawberries that we got to enjoy!

Well I didn't make it to the gym tonight.  Basically it was too hard with Bible school.  I have to find a way to go and work out in the mornings!

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